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Playing online casino games can be fun, but does anyone really expect to win it big on these games? 

It actually is possible to win real money when playing online slot games, as long as you know where to look.

There are so many different options when it comes to online slot games and it can be overwhelming to find the best one for you. However, once you start playing slot games it can be quite hard to stop. 

There is never a dull moment when you are playing slot games online, as they are full of fun graphics, bold colors, and unique animations.

Once you’ve got to grips with free online slots, it’s time to try your hand at winning real money on slots.

What Are Win Real Money Slots?

A lot of the casino and slot games that you can play online allow you to win prizes and bonuses when you hit the jackpot. But not a lot of them actually pay out in real money.

However, it is possible to win real money when playing slots online as long as you know where to look.

Playing slots online has a lot of benefits and it can be incredibly fun for so many different people. This is an opportunity for you to switch off the world and enjoy the fun graphics, bold colors and unique animations of online slot games from the comfort of your own home. 

There is one thing that would make this experience even better – winning real money.

You can be as much or as little as you would like on these slot games in order to win real money, depending on which games you play. The key is to always make sure you are gambling for fun.

How To Gamble Responsibly

It is very important that you learn how to gamble responsibly in order to enjoy playing win real money slots.

This is very important for these kinds of casino games, as you are betting your own money in order to win a jackpot. You don’t want to waste your money or overspend on something you aren’t really enjoying anymore.

To gamble responsibly, make sure:

  • You are taking regular breaks away from the computer and casino website
  • Set yourself a daily limit or budget to save money
  • Bet the minimum amount as often as possible
  • Stop playing when you feel yourself become angry, frustrated or irritated

Online gambling and slot games are supposed to be fun, so make sure you are only playing for enjoyment.

If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one when it comes to gambling there are a lot of helplines and support that you can reach out to.

Terms To Note

It is likely that you already know a lot about online gambling and slot games, but it will not hurt to address some of the common terms in this field.

There are some things we will be referring to a lot during this review and it will help you to understand what they mean.

  • RTP

This stands for Return To Player and is the figure that determines the percentage of all wagered money on a slot game that will be paid back to players. 

This is an important thing to consider when looking for good slot games, as it will determine how much money you can expect to win back. For example, if you cash in $1.00 on a slot game that has an RTP of 90.00% you could end up winning $90.00 back. 

  • Wager/Wagering

When we talk about win real money slots, we will be addressing the wagering requirements. 

Wagering requirements are the amount you need to deposit or bet on a slot game to be able to withdraw a jackpot. This is commonly addressed when we are talking about no deposit offers or bonuses that an online casino will provide.

This is an important thing to consider when playing online slot games as it will determine how much you can actually win. 

A slot game may look great on the surface with an excellent payout, but the wagering requirements may limit the jackpot you can actually win. This is not an inherently bad thing, as it is simply the way that online casinos make money.

  • No Deposit

A lot of the slot games we will be reviewing have no deposit offers or bonuses, mainly for new players. This is a simple yet great offer that you can expect to see on a lot of different online casinos.

In order to have access to this bonus, you need to registar with the online casino or play one of their slot games. You will then have access to the cash bonus, or the free spins, without having to deposit any of your own money into the account. 

Most of the no deposit bonuses that you can get on online casinos will come in the place of free spins or money to use on a specific slot game. 

However, some casinos will offer money that you can use to increase your jackpot and get real money from slot games.

What Do You Win On Real Money Slots?

There are so many different casino and slot games online so it can be quite hard to find the best one for you. This is made even more difficult when it comes to win real money slots.

Most of the slot games that you play online allow you to win a range of prizes, bonuses and online currencies but very few payout real money. 

It is likely that you have already won a range of prizes when playing online slots, such as free spins and bonuses to use on the website. But if you want to step things up a notch, you can start winning real money on slot games.

When we talk about real money, we mean it. There are a lot of slot games that you can play that will pay out real cash prizes, as opposed to e-currencies, coupons or credits that you may be used to.

The amount that you deposit and bet can determine how big your jackpot will be.

  • Reward Points

As well as winning real money on these kinds of slot games, you can also win reward points to get bigger prizes the more you play. 

With some slot games and online casino, you can register and start earning reward points based on the money your deposit. 

This is often an automatic process that allows you to win reward points each time you spin. 

  • VIP Tiers

A lot of online casinos have their own version of a tier system. The more reward points you earn, based on the games you play, the higher you will climb on this tier system.

Players who eventually make it to VIP tiers have access to a range of bonuses and prizes, including great cash deposits. 

These tier systems will differ depending on the online casino you are using, but it will be present on most. 

Win Real Money Without Deposits

In most cases, in order to win real money on slot games, you need to deposit cash of your own. However, there are ways that you can win real money without risking anything.

This requires a little bit of skill but can be quite easy to understand once you get the hang of it. In order to win real money without depositing anything of your own, you need to learn how to take advantage of the no deposit offers that most casinos offer.

There are various different ways that you can do this, including:

  • Choose free slot games that require no deposit
  • Consider the wagering requirements of every game you play
  • Complete all free spins on slot games
  • Use the no deposit bonus as many times as possible
  • Cash-out any winnings you make as soon as possible
  • Use your profits to win on more games

You need to consider the no deposit offers that the slot games you are trying to play offer, in order to determine how much you can win without using your own money.

Different Kinds Of No Deposit Offers

If you want to win real money on slot games without using your own money to do so, there are some offers you need to look for.

  • No Deposit Free Spins

A lot of online casinos and slot games offer free spins. As the name suggests, this offer allows you to spin the reel for free for a set number of times without depositing any of your own money.

For example, some casino games may offer you around 50 free spins without a deposit. If you have a positive balance after these free spins are complete, the money you have won will become a wagering bonus.

This will then become real money that you can win if you meet the wagering requirement.

  • No Deposit Bonuses

Some online casinos will offer you with up-front bonuses or credits that you can use on a range of slot machines. In most cases, you do need to meet the wagering requirements in order to cash out these bonuses as real money.

There is a real opportunity for you to cash out and real win money without depositing any of your own cash through free bonuses. 

It is likely that the amount of money you can wager will be limited, but you can still win free money.

How To Check For Real Money Prizes

It can be quite difficult to determine whether an online slot game actually offers real money prizes. You may spend a lot of time and money trying to win real money prizes, only to discover that the slot game you are playing doesn’t give out cash prizes.

When it comes to trying to earn cash prizes without a deposit, you need to make sure that you are following the wagering rules. 

Most of the casinos that you will visit should make it very clear about what you need to do in order to win cash prizes, even without a deposit. For additional clarification make sure you contact the support team.

Wagering rules are present to make sure the casino doesn’t lose money while offering cash prizes. 

It is also very important that you only play games from reputable casinos. We will be giving you a list of some of the best win real money slot games that you can play, but it is always a good idea to choose a reputable company.

This will ensure that your money and information will be secure. It will also make it more likely that the casino will payout the way they have claimed.

To determine whether a casino is reputable, take some time to read reviews about the websites and the slot games. This will give you a good idea on the jackpots they offer and whether they actually do payout.

Considerations For Win Real Money Slots

To make sure that you are getting the most out of your real money jackpots, there are some things you need to consider from the casino and games you play:

  • Which games actually offer bonuses and cash payouts
  • The maximum allowable cash withdrawal or cashout
  • Any penalties that you face for an early cashout 
  • The limitations on the bet size for each game or round

You also want to make sure that you never try to claim the same bonus more than once.

Top Slot Games To Win Real Money

There are so many slot games that you can play for free and still win real money. Here follows our guide to the top ten slot games, based on:

  • Best playout
  • Most interesting gameplay
  • Customer ratings and popularity

We have used customer reviews to find the best win real money slot games from a range of different online casinos.

  1. Da Vinci’s Vault

This is a very unique slot game that features interesting scenes and background characters that can change the whole direction of the game. It is operated by Playtech and features five reels with 20 different play lines.

This is not one of the easiest slot games to win, but it is very fun and does have the opportunity to win real money. 

It has excellent graphics, a great soundtrack and an RTP of 95.04%.

Play It: You can play this slot game on a range of casino websites, including 888Casino for free and to win real money.

There is a demo version where you can play no deposit free spins. It can also be played on desktop and through IOS or Andriod.

  1. Chinese Kitchen

This is another slot game that is operated by Playtech and it has a very innovative design. This is a very colorful and fun slot game that has three reels and eight play lines. 

The lowest bet starts at 0.08 making it a great option for so many people.

You can win up to 40 credits which can be used for real money jackpots. It has an RTP of 96.2% so it is fairly easy to play and win big.

Play It: You can play this slot game on 888Casino for both free play and real money jackpots. It can also be played on desktop and multiple smartphone software.

Offers: If you open an account with 888Casino, you will get $88.00 as an immediate bonus that you can use on this slot game. 

  1. Terminator: Genisys

This is an online slot game that is based on the latest additions to the Terminator film franchise and it is a great game for so many different people. 

There are 25 different play lines for this game and a high RTP of 95.76%. 

If you shoot the T-1000 you can win an incredible cash prize in the Terminator Car Chase Bonus game. There are also two other free bonus games that you can play by landing on certain sequences.

Play It: You can play this slot game at BGO Casino where there are a free version and a win real money slot. 

GEO Limitations: Suitable e for players in the UK and Ireland. These players can win real money prizes with no deposit on BGO Casino. 

Offers: If you sign up for a free account on BGO Casino you will get 10 free spins for selected games, including this one. You can also play real money slots without a cap on winnings and no wagering requirements.

  1. Age Of The Gods

This is a brilliant 3D slot game that has been inspired by Greek mythology. It is an action-packed slot machine that is very exciting to play, with a range of prizes and bonuses available.

This is a part of a very successful franchise and it is likely you have played at least one of the slot games available. 

It is also operated by Playtech and has five reels with multiple play lines.

Play It: As this is a popular slot game, it is available from most reputable online casinos. However, the best option for you may be 888Casino.

GEO Limitations: Depending on your location, the prizes, and bonuses that you have access to may differ. The wagering requirements will also change depending on your location. 

Offers: Playing this slot game on 888Casino for the first time gives you access to a welcome bonus and free spins. This will differ depending on your location.

  1. Bush Telegraph

This is a classic slot game that has been around since 2005. It is developed by Microgaming and although the style may seem a little dated to modern players, it remains a great slot game. 

You can easily customize you bets, and therefore the jackpots you can win, depending on how many coins you use per spins. You can also adjust the coin value and the play lines you want to keep active during gameplay.

This game has a high return to player (RTP) rating of 96.5% making it a great option.

Play It: This game can be played for free at It can also be played for real money on this website. You can access this game on your desktop or smartphone, as both Andriod and IOS are supported.

Offers: Playing the demo version of this games gives you access to 2000 free credits that you can use to spin the reels and build up your cash jackpot.

  1. Once Upon A Dime

This attractive slot game has a fantasy design that is heavily inspired by fairytales. This is a classic slot game that you have probably played in casinos and it is great fun. 

This slot game is attractive because the bets are cheap and you can win real money jackpots. The graphics are impressive on a range of devices making it suitable for a range of different people. 

It has a progressive jackpot that you can work up to quite a sizeable sum.

Play It: This game is available from the 888Casino website.

GEO Limitations: Players in the United States may struggle to play this slot game, due to the website it is present on. You need to make an account on 888Casino in order to play.

Offers: There is no free demo of this slot game, but there is a no deposit welcome bonus that allows you to earn money at no risk.

  1. King Colossus

This is a classically stunning slot game that is operated by QuickSpin. It has 40 different play lines that you can use to rack up quite a sizable jackpot. 

It has a classic royal-inspired design and it offers a lot of opportunities for you to win real money. 

This slot game can be played for free while still offering your real money jackpots, as long as your luck is in. It is a great slot game that can offer real money winnings. 

Play It: This slot game can be played on BGO Casino for free or real money jackpots.

GEO Limitations: Players in the UK and Ireland can get ten free no deposit spins on sign up. You may find limitations in other locations, but it is possible for you to apply for 100 free spins with no wagering requirements or caps on winnings.

  1. Yoyos Wild

This is a very nostalgic win real money slot game that is based on the classic childhood toy – the yoyo. This is a real money slot game that has five reels and 25 different play lines. 

The graphics and bold colors are captivating and make for a very fun experience. It is made even better as you can win real money. Whenever you win or match symbols, a yoyo is played out to create a pattern. 

It has an RTP rating of 96.5% and the max win is set at 10,000 coins. 

Play It: This game is available at BGO Casino and it can be played for free or to earn real money jackpots.

GEO Limitations: The no deposit offer is limited to players in the UK and Ireland. 

Offers: If you qualify for the no bonus offer, you will receive 10 free spins on selected slots. This requires no deposit, wagering or cap on winnings.

  1. Wild Diamond 

This is a classic slot machine that is full of fun and excitement on both computers or mobile devices. It uses all of the classic symbols that slot fans will recognize, including bars, diamonds, and lucky sevens.

It plays on only three reels making it easy to rack up a jackpot and have access to a range of different bonus offers. 

It is a bright and colorful win real money slot game that is easy to play and accessible for so many different people.

Play It: This slot game can be played at Reeltastic Casino on a range of devices, as it supports both IOS and Andriod.

Offers: There is a bonus offer for all new players to Reeltastic Casino to receive 20 cash spins. There is also an offer for a 200% match bonus for winnings up to $200.

The first two spins have no wagering requirements but you do need to deposit $20 to have access to this bonus.

  1. Buffalo Blitz

This is bold and bright six reel slot machine that you can use to win real money. It has brilliant graphics and captivating gameplay.

There are over 4,000 different ways to win making it great for so many people. There are Multipliers and Stacked Wilds that are just ready for you to win a huge jackpot if you’re lucky enough.

If you land on a scatter symbol, you will unlock the Free Games Bonus where you can win up to 100 free spins.

It has a generous RTP rating of 95.96% making it one of the best win real money slot games online.

Play It: You can play this slot game on both freeplay and pay real money for cash jackpots. You can also play this game at 888Casino. 

Offers: The Freeplay of this game on starts with 1,000 free credits. If you sign up to 888Casino you will receive £88 to use on slot games.

GEO Limitations: If you have access to then you can play this slot game. The £88 offer on 888Casino is only available in certain locations.

Additional Win Real Money Slots

For a further list of win real money slots, you can check out some other websites including:

  • PrimeSlots: A great range of win real money slot games to play online that payout in cash
  • No deposit offers and slot games

These two websites have a range of slot games that you can play for free or win real money jackpots depending on your location.

Can You Actually Earn Money Just Through No Deposit Offers?

Most of the slot games we have mentioned have no deposit offers that you can use to contribute to your real money jackpots.

However, you should not go into playing real money slots without using your own money and expect to win big.

It is unlikely that you will win a large jackpot just by chasing no deposit offers and using free spin bonuses. This is mainly due to the wagering requirements that are present when you use no deposit offers.

Slot games are random which means it can be quite difficult to maintain a positive balance, especially when you are trying to meet wagering requirements which will set the limits for how much you need to bet each time.

For example, some slot games may give you $10.00 to play without a deposit but come with a 50 times wagering requirement. This means that you need to wager $500.00 in total to have access to the money jackpot, which can be easily lost within a few spins.

It is possible to get lucky when playing slot games online, especially when using no deposit offers. But you need to be aware of how random these games are and how it can be unlikely for you to win big.

Conclusion: Winning Real Money Through Slots

It is possible for you to win real money playing slot games online. There is a lot of consideration that needs to go into winning money online through casino games and it is very important that you gamble responsibly.

Gambling responsibly means that you will take regular breaks, set yourself a budget and stop playing when it no longer feels fun.

Playing slots can be very exciting and should be fun for everyone. There are so many different slot games available online that you can play either for free or to win real money jackpots.

A lot of these slot games do not even require a cash deposit from you in order to have access to the cash prizes. It is important to note that slot games are random and luck has a lot to do with the amount you win.

If you want to win real money using no deposit offers, you need to choose your games well. It is unlikely that you will win a lot of money if you do not deposit any of your own, but it is possible to earn small amounts here and there.

Consider the slot games you are playing carefully and choose reputable online casinos for access to real money jackpots. 

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